Welcome to A Education

Our passionate and dedicated tutors teach their specialised subjects according to the UK curriculum. To better every students’ knowledge and confidence, we tailor our lessons to encourage and motivate them to thrive and achieve their highest potential.

Small Group Sizes

Our tow hour classes of around six students means that each student receives the attention they need, matching their individual learning style.

Qualified Tutors

Our fully qualified and trained tutors specialise within their subjects, offering passion and dedication for your child’s education.

Confidence Building

Our tutors get to know their class, and promote confidence in their knowledge by offering consistent, constructive and balanced feedback.

Exam Preparation

Our lesson plans follow the UK Curriculum, and students have up-to-date past papers to ensure full preparation for their assessments.

Affordable Pricing

Our 2-hour sessions and competitive prices are geared to maximise efficiency of time and money, broadening the opportunity for a strong education.

Constant Feedback

Our tutors take time to help students better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Parents can book an appointment to hear feedback.

GCSE Statistics of A Education

We are incredibly proud of our students’ rate of progress and development. This percentage reflects the number of our GCSE students who have achieved between a Level 6 – 9 in the core subjects. This percentage shows the number of 11+ Tuition students who have successfully secured a place in Grammar schools.

11+ Pass Rate